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DosComp is a collaboration of David Yousefi and René Osmanczyk, who are award winning composers and producers. They started to work as a team in 2013. Shortly after they opened up their first Company and Artist-Brand called “Reenfilmmusic”, which later became DosComp.

Equipped with the latest gear and music software DosComp stands for Quality and quick turn arounds.

We work with passion and high attention to detail, to create original music and sound design for all forms of media.

Currently our work is predominantly taking place in a full length featured film and in different Trailer Soundtrack Albums covering multiple genres.



Transcribing & Orchestrating
Whenever you and your team are in need of a custom piece of music, we are there to help you out with our expertise to fulfill all your desired wishes and requirements in order to elevate the value of your media to new levels.

Game Audio

Creation and Implementation
A good game never comes along without a good portion of music. They always go hand in hand and this is why third party programs like fmod/Wwise are crucial to realize this relationship between the game’s engine and music. Working in this field enables us to create a functioning musical environment for your game using middleware, triggering music based on specific game events in order to create the desired emotions and suspensions for your story.

Music Production

Our expertise covers different disciplines that come in handy for all kinds of projects, such as creating Overlays (adding or replacing stems in a song) and enhancing it further with custom sounds and accents, rearranging songs and maintaining the desired suspense curve.

Sonic Branding

Every brand has its own story and identity and this is where sonic branding comes into play: we can assist you with evaluating brand-specific data related to your customers base, the brand’s core identity and most important values by translating these information into musical language, which will represent you sonically as good as possible on the market.


Live Recordings
To bring media to live, sound design and foley elements are indispensable to immerse you into the action of a movie or game. We like to use handcrafted sounds to ensure uniqueness and flexibility amongst our projects. Especially in hybrid music these elements are a vital part of a driven piece.


Creating a balance between each particular instrument in a musical work is a very important step in ensuring the best listening experience. With the know-how and professional mixing tools we are able to realize just that.

Brands we provided music for:

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All music is written, composed, arranged, performed and recorded by DosComp unless stated otherwise. Unauthorized duplication or use in any manner, or sharing of PDF files, MP3s and/or downloads over the internet is a violation of copyright laws. It is illegal to record any of this music without the written permission of the composers.

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